We are Boston

The Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of a runner’s career. It is an elite group of athletes that earn the privilege to participate. Countless hours of running and training to be able to run with the world’s best. What happened today hits hard. It is as if someone planted bombs in my own neighborhood. While, I don’t know anyone personally at the event, I know runners. I know they are good people. We all share a common bond. I am sickened by this and feel completely helpless. I want to do something to make it better. I want everyone in Boston to know that we are heartbroken and are mourning with them.

The irony of this is the explosions happened when the philanthropic runners were finishing. These are people that have been simultaneously raising money for charity and training for 26.2 long miles. They should be celebrating their accomplishment. Words fail to show how I feel right now. I pray for the victims and their families and hope that those responsible are brought to justice.


We will be running in honor of the victims on 4/16/2013 @ 5:30am from the store.

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