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My Running Story Part 3

In May of 2012, my buddy, Kevin Herrington convinced me to buy a tri bike and start doing triathlons with him. As with running, I jumped in head first. I bought my bike in mid-May, then did 5 tris that season: Old Hickory Sprint, Chattanooga Waterfront Olympic, Nashville Sprint, Fall Creek Falls Olympic and culminating […]

My Running Story Part 2

Just 2 months into my running career, I had already completed my first 1/2 marathon in 2:11. Heading into the big Country Music 1/2 Marathon in April 2010, I had an injury. I don’t even remember what the injury was, but I finished in 2:30. It was definitely a cool experience, but I remember thinking […]

My Running Story

Thanks to Mitch Canter, WordPress Guru at Studio NashVegas, Run Franklin now has this beautiful new website. Since it is a WordPress site I need to start blogging. So, naturally, I will start with the beginning of my running journey and how I became the steward of Run Franklin. In Fall of 2009, my wife […]