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Run Franklin Newsletter (2013-04-22)

We would like to thank you for being a supporter of Run Franklin. We cannot exist without our customers. We value your business as well as your feedback. As a local store we can easily adapt to meet the needs of our customers, so any and all feedback is taken into consideration. This is YOUR […]

We are Boston

The Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of a runner’s career. It is an elite group of athletes that earn the privilege to participate. Countless hours of running and training to be able to run with the world’s best. What happened today hits hard. It is as if someone planted bombs in my own neighborhood. While, […]

1st Annual Franklin, TN Half Marathon

Opening a running retail store has been a blessing and a challenge, but I must say, doing something that has never been done before was almost more of a challenge. What started as a pipe-dream, turned into a possibility, now a reality in just a couple months. Thanks to the hard work of Kat Williams […]

My Running Story Part 3

In May of 2012, my buddy, Kevin Herrington convinced me to buy a tri bike and start doing triathlons with him. As with running, I jumped in head first. I bought my bike in mid-May, then did 5 tris that season: Old Hickory Sprint, Chattanooga Waterfront Olympic, Nashville Sprint, Fall Creek Falls Olympic and culminating […]

My Running Story Part 2

Just 2 months into my running career, I had already completed my first 1/2 marathon in 2:11. Heading into the big Country Music 1/2 Marathon in April 2010, I had an injury. I don’t even remember what the injury was, but I finished in 2:30. It was definitely a cool experience, but I remember thinking […]

My Running Story

Thanks to Mitch Canter, WordPress Guru at Studio NashVegas, Run Franklin now has this beautiful new website. Since it is a WordPress site I need to start blogging. So, naturally, I will start with the beginning of my running journey and how I became the steward of Run Franklin. In Fall of 2009, my wife […]