My Running Story

Thanks to Mitch Canter, WordPress Guru at Studio NashVegas, Run Franklin now has this beautiful new website. Since it is a WordPress site I need to start blogging. So, naturally, I will start with the beginning of my running journey and how I became the steward of Run Franklin.

In Fall of 2009, my wife Karyn joined a “Biggest Loser” competition with her mom’s group. Being the supportive husband I am, I decided to encourage her by having our own little competitions. I was pushing 200lbs on the scale, my pants were getting snug and I was too cheap to buy new ones, so I figured it would be better just to lose weight.

We started eating hard boiled eggs and grapefruit for breakfast, oatmeal at lunch and a low fat, high protein dinner. We said no to sweets and temptations through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The weight was coming off and we were feeling good even though we were eating less. Karyn even won the half-way weigh-in!

To stay motivated, Karyn said she wanted to run the 2010 Country Music 1/2 Marathon. I decided to join her. In January 2010, we started adding running to our exercise routine. Some days were better than others, however, our bodies started adapting to the regimen. We were able to run farther and farther each weekend. We even had the opportunity to run together a couple times while grandparents watched our two young children.

Since a 4 month training plan is a long time to stay motivated, I looked for a race that might match up with our training schedule. We were already running 3 miles, so a 5K did not interest me. I stumbled upon Tom King 1/2 Marathon on our 10 mile day. What’s 3 extra miles anyway? Our first race was 13.1 miles with just 2 months of running behind us. The first 10 miles went great. The last 3 were a little rough, but I was still able to finish with a 10min pace. Karyn had a 11:45 pace and did not stop once! We had gone from sedentary in October, to finishing our first 1/2 Marathon in mid-March!

Karyn went on to win the second and last weigh-in for the “Biggest Loser” competition. She never did make it to the Country Music 1/2 due to an injury, but she did do it in 2012. I have continued to run since then. The story continues on the next blog.

Before our lifestyle change in October 2009

Me and Karyn after the Tom King 1/2 Marathon in 2010

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